Dear Admissions Committee:


I am thrilled to write this letter of recommendation in support of XXX, who is in the midst of applying to your rigorous MBA curriculum, with the aim of focusing on Marketing.


XXX was a student in my Principles of Marketing class, in which she earned an A due to both her intelligence and diligence. In the classroom, XXX paid close attention to my lectures and actively and passionately participate in class discussions. She showed both strong passion and talent for the field of marketing.


XXX exhibited excellent ability in logical thinking. Additionally, when processing reams of data, she was able to attain an excellent grasp of the overall picture. During the presentations, she showed the ability to present her data and conclusions in a well organized manner, allowing her to make her point clear to her fellow students. Her performance was commendable indeed, earning her very high score she obtained in my class.


I believe that XXX has an outstanding talent for Marketing, and with the expert tutelage of your program, I am certain that she will flourish into a top-notch professional. She is hard working, intelligent and creative, and will without doubt succeed in the face of the challenges you will present her, should she be granted the honor of acceptance.


I would be remiss not to back XXX with utmost praise, and therefore I recommend her most highly and forthrightly for admittance to your esteemed program. Thank you.



Cordially yours,




Chia-Chi Chang

Assistant Professor

Department of Management Science

National Chiao Tung University

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