To Whom It May Concern:


I am more than pleased to have this opportunity to recommend you, XXX, a genuinely talented young woman to pursue her academic life in your honorable doctoral program. In my capacity as an assistant professor of Dept. of Management Science, I have taught, advised, and worked closely with XXX for almost three years.


I first met XXX when she asked me to be her advisor. At that time, she demonstrated impressive interest and passion in acquiring research experiences. Therefore, XXX became my research assistant upon my request. In her first year as my research assistant, because of her MIS background, XXX mainly took charge of computer duties, such as acquisition, setup, training and troubleshooting. She is a self-motivated quick learner with a personable attitude. After a short period of time, she became the most proficient assistant of various research softwares. Later on, she was involved in many of my research projects and showed herself to be a positive asset in these projects. While conducting experiments, she effectively assisted me to design the experiments, create stimuli, back-translate scales to improve the reliability and validity, and analyze collected data by using different statistic softwares such as SPSS and LISREL.


Enrolled in three of my classes, including Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, and Consumer Behavior Seminar, XXX earned exceptional grades which usually placed her in the top 2% in classes ranging from 30 to 70 students. Her outstanding performance is a direct result of her hard work and determination. I was deeply impressed by not only her remarkable academic performance but also her active and keen attitude towards learning. For example, from time to time, XXX can always include interesting insights reflecting different consumer behavior theories in her class presentations. Animated discussions were always stimulated by her lively presentations. XXX also demonstrated great team working skills in assignments. She urged her classmates to finish high-quality projects with strict time limitations and helped to tutor classmates who fell behind.


Serving as the thesis advisor of XXX, I had a first-hand opportunity to observe the way in which her mind works. She has a creative mind. In our weekly meetings, her presentation of research papers is always full of insights and novel ideas. With great quality, she designed an interactive customization website for the experiment and aptly applied experimental techniques she had learned. It took a lot of creativity to devise such an ingenious experiment. Moreover, I was impressed by her persistence to modify her experiment in order to get more valid and reliable results. Eventually, she was able to finish her master’s thesis in English of fine quality. Her intelligence and diligence are what I am extremely proud of.


Aside from her worth-noticed academic performance, XXX also showed a strong drive to familiarize herself with marketing practices. As far as I know, she actively applied for a summer internship in ITRI and performed very well by putting what she learned in use. Additionally, because of her excellent designing ability, she pays lots of attention to advertisements in daily life and tries to find ways of improvement. I believe those qualities she holds will be beneficial to her academic career since marketing is a research field that cannot be isolated from practice.


XXX has discussed with me about her research interest in extending her master’s thesis of mass customization into customer choice and decision making. Since she holds a solid background and shows strong capabilities in the experiment designs as well as in her other research works, I am firmly convinced that she is well-prepared and will make a successful PhD student.


In conclusion, I am strongly recommending XXX to you without any reservation. With her perseverance and curiosity in research, I believe that she will be a tremendous asset to your program. If you have any questions regarding XXX or this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your kind consideration of her application is greatly appreciated.





Chia-Chi Chang



Assistant Professor in the Department of Management Science

National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan



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