Dear admission committee

     Among all the students who have received my instruction in the course “Consumer Behavior”, XXX is one of the few who stood out and left with my a positive impression. Therefore, I am confident to recommend this student to your program.

     In this course, discussion plays an important role and XXX always provided many positive and unique opinions. When other students were at a deadlock, she can gather the quintessence and integrate into a logical and clear conclusion. She is a good organizer. Besides, she always brought related stuffs and information to the class. She is a well-prepared student.

     XXX has enthusiasm and devotion in advertising. She always spent the class break time discussing with her classmates about how different advertising skills and strategies attracts consumers. She has talent for advertising and acute observation.

     She is a good student with great interpersonal relationship and communication skills. Her great personality also allows her to get well with her classmates. I am confident that XXX will be well suited to your honorable program with her many great qualities.



Sincerely Yours,



Chia-Chi Chang

Assistant Professor, Management Science

College of Management

National Chiao-Tung University


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