Dear Sir / Madam,


        I am delighted to write this letter in support of XXX’s application for the graduate program in Marketing. My knowledge of XXX is based on the observations I made in the class ‘Consumer Behavior’, for which I am the principal instructor.


        Overall, XXX’s performance was excellent. I particularly noted that she played an active role in seminars, and cooperated well with fellow students when required to do so. Her reports and assignments were completed with great attention to details. In addition, her enthusiasm for the subject of Consumer Behavior could be seen by the fact that she sometimes brought relevant materials from her daily life into class to share with the group. This aside, she listened attentively, had near-perfect attendance and was punctual without fault.


        Besides her excellent academic performance, XXX also participated actively in the extracurricular activities. For more than two years XXX held the role of manager in our Girls’ Basketball Team, seeking to gain experience that will no doubt prove useful in her future career in business.


        XXX’s academic performance and commitment in her life provide me with great confidence in her ability to succeed in your honourable graduate program. I hereby recommend her to you without reservation. Please do not hesitate to contact me to verify this statement, should you deem it necessary.


Sincerely yours,



Dr. Chia-Chi Chang

Assistant Professor

Department of Management Science

National Chiao Tung University

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