Dear Sir:


In my capacity as a professor of XXX, I am glad to recommend him for your MBA program. In his undergraduate study, XXX took three courses under my instruction: Consumer Behavior, Personal selling and Management, and Independent Research. He had outstanding performances in these courses. From my observation, he understands marketing better than his peer students and has shown a zealous attitude towards research. I believe that he is suited for further study in marketing and to pursue this profession as his career.

Marketing entails a wide range of interdisciplinary knowledge, and only with extensive knowledge can one do well in this profession. XXX has demonstrated that he has an excellent understanding of the discipline of marketing in his academic performance and course participation. His final report for the Consumer Behavior course stated that the interactive effects between framing and product category influenced consumers’ willingness to purchase. In a role-playing practice of the Personal selling and Management course, my students were divided into two groups: the business personnel group and the purchasing personnel group. When XXX joined the business personnel group and acted as a salesperson for different industries, he knew how to find the needs of potential customers. On the other hand, when acting as a purchaser, XXX analyzed thoroughly what benefits a product or a service could bring to the company, and then took proper action based on this information. This shows his ability to apply his knowledge to solve real-world problems.

In the senior Independent Research course, XXX impressed me with his reasoning ability and unwavering perseverance. When designing experiments, XXX demonstrated his understanding of experimental methods for social sciences and his exactitude of procedures. This could be only done due to his strong logical ability, which facilitate to define his research objective, and formulate sound hypotheses, and design experiments that conform to scientific requirements. In the final stage of research, XXX was asked to conducted statistical analysis on the collected data to examine the hypotheses. From this project, XXX showed his ability to do independent research and to solve problems.

With his excellent logical reasoning and hardworking personality, I am sure that XXX can meet the challenge of a rigorous MBA program. Therefore, I strongly recommend XXX, a student with a great potential and I firmly believe that he can be a great asset to your honorable programs.



Chia-Chi Chang



Assistant Professor

National Chiao Tung University


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