Dear Director of Admission,


        I am more than happy to have this opportunity to recommend XXX, an excellent and personable candidate, to your honorable graduate program. I first met XXX in my course of “Professional Selling and Sale Management” during her senior year. She always concentrated on my courses and bravely expressed different opinions in front of other classmates. She showed not only enthusiasm about learning but also excellent communication skill during every presentation I assigned. Though it has been almost two years since her last presentation, I can still vividly recall her sales pitch in which she demonstrate both excellent English oral skills and great application of all the theories that she had learned from the class. In the group assignment, I was really impressed by her outstanding leadership and the good interpersonal skills. She can think independently and absorb other members’ ideas to make a conclusion quickly in a limited time. Furthermore, XXX also showed her creativity and imagination in her work. I can see a good sense of observation and critical thinking when reading her papers.

        A great ability of analyzing data and problem solving was also revealed in her final report for this class. For the final report, I asked the students to compete with each other in an online virtual market that students have to evaluate their capital, set up salary mode for different salespeople, and forecast the marketing trend to achieve the highest profit for their own company. XXX did a wonderful job in her final report. She learned quickly and made correct decision by analyzing the data carefully. In addition, she was absolutely insightful and diligent when she delivered her final presentation.

        As her professor, I strongly believe that XXX will be a great asset to your honorable program as she is the most cheerful, ambitious, and determined student that I have ever seen in my career here at NCTU. I believe that she has strong learning capability and potential in this field and she will no doubt be an outstanding student in your program.


Sincerely yours,



Dr. Chia-Chi Chang

Assistant Professor

Department of Management Science

National Chiao Tung University

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