To Whom it may Concern:


        It is my pleasure to write this recommendation letter for XXX took my Consumer Behavior class and worked with me on a research project .I am confident to assure you that XXX is one of the best students among those in NCTU, the top 3 university in Taiwan.


        XXX is a talented and creative student who has positive attitude. For example, she is quick of apprehension, so she can understand the psychology theories quickly. Moreover, she also has a great sense of applying her knowledge to business cases and often asks stimulating questions in class. She performed well both in the paper and the presentation in English in Consumer Behavior. I am also impressed by her excellent performance in her independent research. XXX read all the assigned readings, and creatively applied her knowledge to the research. For example, the theory of social inequity was a brand new concept to her. After studying the materials, she quickly learned and applied this society theory to the field of consumer behavior in her research. She is also good at turning daily experience into research ideas. For instance, she heard a friend complain about overpaid in service recovery in salon. That inspired her to study this main idea in her research and it is really an interesting topic.


XXX’s personality is another reason why I recommended her. In the process of doing research, XXX is very open-minded to accept others’ opinions and she always enjoys the discussion. Her optimistic and initiative character makes her easy to get along with. She is also always considerate to others. Therefore, I can speak in equivocally that she has potentials to be a good researcher and co-worker.


        In conclusion, XXX is an intelligent student with enthusiastic learning attitude and good personality. I believe that these traits can help her to be an outstanding student in your Master Program if she is admitted. I hereby recommend XXX to your honorable Master program in Marketing.


Sincerely yours,



Chia-Chi Chang

Assistant Professor
National Chiao-Tung University
Department of Management Science

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