Dear Reviewers,


I am pleased to have this opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for XXX, a student in the department of Management Science.


        I normally would not agree to write a recommendation for students who have not taken my class. But XXX was an exception. After a long discussion with him, I decide that I am actually a very good candidate to write recommendation for him because I actually know him personally.


        XXX has performed phenomenonally academically. That is fully evident in his application to your school. Therefore, I am confident that he will be able to not only meet the basic requirements of your honorable program but also perform beyond the expectations of professors.


        The most important reason why I highly recommend him to your honorable program is that he is a person with both tremendous capability and attractive personality. Not a lot of people can own both at the same time.


XXX is one of the few born leaders that I truly believe will contribute to the society. The business world needs more passionate leaders who can inspire people. I am pleased to see that XXX shows interest in pursuing advanced knowledge in business at your honorable school. With the training from you school, I believe that XXX will go very far as a manager.


Best Regards,



Chia-Chi Chang, Assistant Professor

Department of Management Science

National Chiao Tung University

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