Dear Reviewers,


        I am pleased to have this opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for XXX, a student in the department of Management Science.


        XXX is currently a student in my Consumer Behavior class. XXX has performed at the top of the class. He also demonstrated his ability in doing research related to marketing area through private discussion with me.


Through interaction with the class, I found XXX a student with both ambition and charisma. He came to every class of mine prepared and ready to express insightful opinion in the class discussion. Yet, he is well liked by his fellow classmates, who show great care for him.


XXX is passionate about absorbing and applying business knowledge that he learns from school. His passion is a great asset for leadership. He can always lead by inspiring others. This can be demonstrated with a great number of activities that he held or engaged in.


The business world needs more passionate leaders who can inspire people. I am pleased to see that XXX shows interest in pursuing advanced knowledge in business at your honorable school. With the training from you school, I believe that XXX will go very far as a manager.



Best Regards,




Chia-Chi Chang, Assistant Professor

Department of Management Science

National Chiao Tung University

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