To Whom It May Concern,


I am very happy to recommend an outstanding student, XXX to your esteemed program. During her four years at the National Chaio Tung University, she attended my Marketing and Consumer Behavior classes.

As a professor at National Chiao Tung University, one of the most outstanding universities in Taiwan, I have had the pleasure to meet and teach all kinds of students over the past years, but XXX is one of the few who remain my favorite students.

I have known her for about 2 years. In my classes, she always worked very well with her group members, and their well-organized projects constantly impressed me. Once they even formed a team to participate in a marketing competition called ATONA Case Competition, raised by A&T Corp. in order to challenge themselves. In this competition, as a leader of team “Ohlala”, XXX was able to present their projects properly and systematically. In addition, their projects were always filled with most interesting, special ideas and stood out from other groups. Being an advisor of their group, I have discovered her potential in the marketing field by dint of her capability to observe the key points of cases and to find solutions for them.

Regarding her personality and attitude, XXX is considerate, attentive, willing to listen, and cooperative. While she can perform as a well-organized and excellent leader (as she was a class representative ;), she can also adapt herself to be a responsible group member and assist others to achieve higher performance (e.g. being a camp councilor).

For her maturity and motivation, I believe that XXX will excel in whatever she chooses to do. She is an excellent student and an achiever. She is one of those rare students who are willing to take responsibilities. Besides, XXX is gifted with outstanding analytical and quantitative ability. She is capable of grasping concepts and developing her own viewpoints, which is a trait I seldom find in Taiwanese students.

Based on XXX’s performance in school, I feel confident in saying that she will be a highly successful student in your program. I recommend her in the strongest terms for admission to your honorable program



Chia-Chi Chang

Assistant Professor

Department of Management Science
National Chiao Tung University

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